Comic book and storyboard artist for Marvel, DC Comics, Hollywood, Samsung, and more.

Brent Peeples has been honing his craft professionally since 2010. (Read More…)

Brent Peeples, an esteemed comic artist, has been honing his craft professionally since 2010. A passionate fan of comics from an early age, Brent’s journey as an artist began with a deep love for comic art that continues to drive his boundless creativity. With an impressive portfolio boasting captivating works from Marvel’s “Major X”, “Wastelanders,” “Spider-Man: Lost Hunt,” “Carnage,” “Ghost Rider,” and more, plus standout titles from DC Comics such as “Deathbringer,” “Titans,” “New Super-Man,” “The Terrifics,” “War for Earth,” “The Flash” and many more, Brent’s talent has brought epic stories and fan-favorite characters to fans around the world. A true artist with a heart, Brent’s contributions extend beyond the comic page. He has proudly lent his artistic skills to the Eisner Award-winning New York Times Bestselling book, “Love is Love,” donates his work to worthy causes, and volunteers his time and talent with those less fortunate, a testament to his versatility and empathy. With a solid background in comics, professional storyboarding, and character development and design, Brent’s creativity continues to inspire. Based near Dallas, Texas, he’s ever ready to breathe life into vivid worlds of illustrated adventures.


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